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March 31, 2010

A List of London Restaurants

London is rich in restaurants of various types, starting with chic and expensive to those available to budget tourists. In this magnificent city every visitor can choose something according to his taste and finances. It would be fare to start with the most prominent and chic restaurants.
Among the greatest London eating places is the Rules. This eating place is rather old and its furnishings really prove it. The restaurant has been offering usual English food to its guests for almost two centuries. This place is without doubt extremely suitable for chic dining and is a fine way to try the tastiest dishes of the British cookery, for instance wonderful English puddings. But the trouble is that the food there is highly expensive, so you must have money of no less than a minor member of the upper class to pay for the dishes.
Red Fort is one more chic restaurant in the capital of England. The genuine cookery of North India turned this eating place into a key point for the Indian cookery admirers. Its superb cuisine and fashionable surroundings draw people of all social classes. This place is an exact obligation for any tourist, but be careful, as you will in no way quite get pleasure from your own local bistro again.
Still not all restaurants in London are as expensive. There are a number of options for budget tourists. Rootmaster is an ideal place of that kind. When you require something unusual then this restaurant is for you, in particular in case you are a vegetarian. The positive point is that you visit not a simple eating place but one of London’s attractions, a famous large red Routemaster Bus. One more reasonably priced eating place is Hard Rock Café. It is rather old and is considered to be the initial point for many other restaurant chains in the city. It offers tasty food in pleasant atmosphere. If you cannot afford chic restaurant, then visit Pizza Express and you’ll have no regrets. The pizzas there are really delicious and a number of other dishes are also offered for you.

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