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April 1, 2010

Are fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King on the way out?

Question: Are fast food restaurants like Mcdonalds and Burger King on the way out?

Answer: Well, I don’t exactly have an answer for the question. But I have a reason why. About 2wks. ago, I was in borders. I was browsing through a fasinating book titled: Chew On This. This book is about everything you don’t want to know about fast food. One of the numerouse amounts of amazing facts I learned is: If you took the average amount of cheeseburgers the average americna eats, and placed it in a line, it will circle around the earth over 32-times. This is ridiculouse! ?We need to be in better shape. Excersising more! Exercising doesn’t mean waliking a certain amount each day, go to the gym every 2 seconds, or even starving yourself! All you really have to do is fing a hobbie that gets your body going! For example, you could dance, double-dutch, play a sport, or even do kapuara (a brazilian art), even do a martial art. See, many things. Fast foods are being taken advantage of. Many family’s are going to eat out at wendys than at home having a family dinner. Did you know that the Mcdonalds arch is more recognized than the christian cross? Something needs to be done. But no one is doing anything about it. To try to answer the question: no. Because a majority of the population is doing this and are not trying to make a healthier choice. Which is why so many people are dying earlier than they should. So why are people in China and London living for about 100years? When the average age in America is 50yrs. old? Did you know the body is made to last for about 100yrs.? Interesting. RESIST IT!

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