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April 1, 2010

Biking In London

Being one of the busiest European capitals, London is one more city that needs its citizens to take an initiative to reduce its traffic jams. Cycling, also known as biking is a great exercise apart from a very inexpensive way to reduce the problem of overpopulation that requires fewer vehicles circulating the city’s streets. Especially if you live in London and are able to ride a bicycle, this article might convince you to leave your car parked away for a week and use your dusty bike to go at work during a spring, summer or early autumn morning.

After servicing your bicycle and ordering a cycle guide for the different areas of London from Transportation for London you can begin your new biking hobby and reduce frustration while decreasing the city’s parking problem. In fact, according to London transportation experts, one can cover 4 miles in an average of 22 minutes in Central London by bike, when it take approximately 40 minutes to cover the same distance by car. Did you know that eight bikes can be parked in the space a car occupies? Moreover, people in cars are exposed to three times more pollution that pedestrians or cyclists. If you are not yet convinced, perhaps knowing that London has around 500 policemen on bikes and the ambulance service in Central London is supported by a fully equipped cycling paramedic team, might make you reconsider. In addition to the above, cycling reduces in half the chances of heart disease, lowers a person’s blood pressure and stabilizes the heart’s rate. Also, frequently riding a bike increases calorie consumption as it is an excellent physical exercise that raises the metabolic rate and helps people loose weight, improving their figure.

If transporting yourself to work is not feasible via a bike, selecting to ride it during your leisure time and experience the wonderful London parks and waterways, can be an excellent choice. In any case, it is advisable for you to wear your protective gear and to watch out for pedestrians who frequently cross without looking the traffic on busy city roads. Appearing from nowhere, they are a cause of a large number of bicycling accidents and thus, you should always put on your protecting clothing, especially the helmet. Remember that although most people consider London to be one of the bad weather capitals of the world, with heavy rain falls and extreme cold condition, it is in fact the driest place in UK, having a similar climate to that of Denmark. Finally, remember that most of the public transportation forms in London, like buses, tubes, and trains, accept folded bikes. In case the cycling version you own belongs to the standard category, then you should probably check the information available on taking your bike on London’s public transport. For example, the official Transport for London website states that bicycles can be taken free of charge on some sections of the underground network outside peak times. So, get your bike on the road again and feel like when you used when being a kid. It is an easy, fast and most importantly, fun experience for any age!

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