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May 14, 2010

Car Hire, How To Successfully Rent A Chauffeur Car

There are some guidelines required to follow for chauffeur car hire. Licensed chauffeur car provides style and safety in London. The process for flattering a licensed chauffeur driver in London is directed by the PCO- Public Carriage office. Transport for London i.e. TFL controls the public carriage office.
The main role of Transport for London is to execute transport policy and deal with transport services from corner to corner of the capital. The Public carriage office persist that chauffeur hire vehicles should be reserved in advance by way of a hiring operator of licensed private. Drivers are free to work in London if they undertake bookings by way of licensed operator. In order to become driver of Chauffer car, license is required to be obtained from Public carriage office.
For becoming a Public carriage office licensed chauffer, an applicant must acquire driver’s license for chauffeur car hire. To hire a London’s Chauffeur license following things are necessary to be fulfilled:
1. Age limit of applicant should be above 21 years provided that other requirements including medical fitness are fulfilled.
2. Criminal and Driving Records of the applicants are checked before providing license. For this purpose improved criminal records proof is to be obtained from CRB- Criminal records bureau.
3. Medical fitness is also required for chauffeur hire license. Applicants are needed to prove their medical fitness by undertaking medical examination. Definite condition such as poor eyesight can result in rejection of application.
For getting a license to drive a chauffeur car, the ability to reveal a variety of route finding abilities such as route selection and map reading are tested. For this purpose Public Carriage Office has hired several centers of topographical testing. The varieties of topographical abilities to be revealed are:
1. Capability to read map.
2. Local route selection.
3. Intermediate route selection.
4. Long distance route selection.
5. General topography.
Thus, if these topographical abilities are not proved license will not be approved.
Public carriage office private hire operators can be consulted after successfully obtaining PCO driver’s license. You can buy your own car or hire it from operator’s car fleet depending upon your preferences and circumstances. It is appropriate to acquire you own car as it will provide you greater potential and greater flexibility.
Thus, a chauffeur car can be successfully rented by you simply by getting license from Public Carriage office. Also their terms and conditions are required to be fulfilled for obtaining a license along with registering your vehicle.

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