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June 3, 2010

Cheap Flights to Hong Kong

Cheap flights to Hong Kong are readily available and easy to find. With just a little bit of research, anyone who wants to experience the magic of Hong Kong can do so, with flights available to suit all budgets. An easy search on the Internet will show a large range of flights to Hong Kong, departing from all around the UK.

Before committing to booking cheap flights to Hong Kong, it is always worth thinking about a few things. For example, do you want to travel from your local airport and pay a slightly higher price, or is it worth your while travelling to one of the main London airports, and probably getting the flight for less. When considering this, remember to factor in added costs such as long-term parking.

Another consideration when booking cheap flights to Hong Kong is what you intend to do on your trip. Questions that you need to ask are whether you will want to stay in Hong Kong for the whole China holiday, or if you would prefer to travel throughout China and have a true China travel experience. Also, with the Olympics being held in Beijing, 2008, it is worth considering incorporating your visit to Hong Kong into a trip up country to Beijing.

If you decide to stay in Hong Kong for the greater part of your visit, you will not be disappointed. There is so much to do that even the most discerning traveller will find something to delight them. Whether you are going to Hong Kong for the shopping, the food, or just to take in the general “Hong Kong experience,” then booking a cheap flight to Hong Kong is just the beginning of your adventure.

If you are booking your cheap flights to Hong Kong from Heathrow or Gatwick, expect a non-stop, direct, long haul flight of around 12 hours. It is worth noting that similar flights are also available from most major European cities. This gives the traveller an even wider choice of cheap flight options.

Prices for flights to Hong Kong tend to go up around August and Christmas. If you are looking for a cheap flight to Hong Kong around this time, remember to book well in advance. However, with some forward planning, even at these times of the year, finding cheap flights to Hong Kong is possible.

On arriving in Hong Kong, the traveller is spoiled for choices on things to do and see. Most people are already aware of the shopping bargains to be found in Hong Kong. There will be something for everyone, as well as finding tailors who can make something made to measure in time for the traveller to take the item home!

Eating in Hong Kong is a joy for the senses. It is possible to taste almost every cuisine in the world, and there are meals for all budgets. These can range from a few dollars at a street-side eating place, or hundreds of dollars at somewhere more salubrious.

Hotels in Hong Kong can be expensive, due to the large land rents that are part of such a compact place. However, there is an extensive choice of places to stay. For budget travellers, it is worth checking out accommodation on the outskirts of the main areas.

When booking cheap flights to Hong Kong, it is worth checking out hotel deals at the same time. Many hotels offer large discounts at certain times of the year. With some of these often in the range of 50%, it may be possible to upgrade your Hong Kong travel experience for little extra cost.

Hong Kong also has a quieter and slower side to life that is not always obvious from the general hustle and bustle on the streets. As with most of China, there is a spiritual side to Hong Kong. It is possible to step from a crowded street into a quiet temple in most areas.

For the traveller who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of “the town that never sleeps,” there are also rural retreats to enjoy. Those travellers who are willing to take a boat and visit the outlying islands will be well rewarded. Here, you can find quiet beaches, take invigorating hill walks, and even take a boat trip to look for pink dolphins.

The huge Bronze Buddha is situated on Lantau, just a short boat ride from Hong Kong. Travellers will also find one of the last surviving fishing villages, and more challenging walks and treks.

When booking cheap flights to Hong Kong, it is worth planning your trip carefully. Whether using the cheap flight as a gateway to a whole China travel experience, or simply to spend a few days in the Hong Kong, any traveller will have an experience they will not forget.

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