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August 30, 2010

Corporate Apartments Make London A Dream Place To Be In

You have heard about it now it is the time to see the Air? What does that mean? No, we are not talking about some aliens but yes, you have finally made it to the zenith and you will be moving to London for a business trip. Does that bring smile on your face or is it bringing goose bumps? London is a financial hub, so it is obvious that lots of people come to London, which means hotels are priced very high. Many people including corporates, family and individuals plan to move to London every year for one reason or the other and look for a temporary accommodation urgently where they can stay for a few days till they don’t get a permanent accommodation. The solution to this is corporate apartments in London, which have made into the big league of providing accommodation.

What is Corporate Housing or Corporate Apartments?

Corporate housing means renting out a furnished serviced apartment on a temporary basis to individuals, family or companies as an alternative to an extended hotel stay.

Corporate apartments or corporate housing in London offers you the comfort and convenience of a home since they are furnished serviced apartments which are usually located in residential areas and come complete with furniture, house-wares and utilities, all these included in your rental fees. Many of these corporate apartments also offer house-keeping, maid service and a range of other services intended to make your say more comfortable.

Corporate apartments in London take due care of your need. They have planned their strategy in such a manner that you can stay there for 1 day to months. Corporate apartments have few essentials in London which can be pointed as follows:

You can stay there as long as you want without any hassle.

No extra charges for guests.

Due care of your privacy and provide comfort during your stay.

No hidden charges.

Enough space for meetings and conferences.

Few Corporate apartments also help in finding schools for your children if you are shifting there for long period.

Hassle free check-in and check-out.

No additional laundry cost

Rates are standard (no change for holidays or weekends)

Many corporate houses make sure that their employees are taken good care of, so they make their staying arrangements in London Corporate apartments.

Corporate apartments in London include everything that you need without the burden of additional taxes, hospitality fees and other hidden charges that are often find at hotels in London or anywhere else around the world. Staying in a hotel often means you need to pay extra charges for a maid-service or cleaning of your room, you will have to eat out as there are no self-catering facilities and you will have to pay extra charges to have your laundry cleaned by hotel staff members. With corporate apartments, you need not bother yourself with any of these daily necessities, as all these taxes and other charges are all included in the rent amount.

Corporate apartments in London come with spacious rooms and there you can find homely feeling by the presence of housewares, kitchen and TV. Some Corporate apartments even provide maid service. London is a vibrant city bustling with business accompanied by fun and a great history to bank on, gives you enough to make the stay in London a cherished one. Corporate apartments are the clarion call of time and a must to every corporate traveler.

So, whatever be the reason for your shifting to a new place, temporary apartments or corporate apartments are the perfect solution to your all family and corporate needs.

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