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April 16, 2010

Food packaging and waste

Tom and Barbara – Eat Your Heart Out!

As every major PR firm spouts, any publicity is good publicity. It doesn’t matter if people are throwing venom your way, what matters is that they are talking about you, and talking about you a lot makes you your own local celebrity.

And local celebrities we are. We have recently become the talk of our town ok maybe not the whole town but certainly our many neighbours who can see into our Garden of Eden. Why? Because with all the stories about global warming, carbon footprints and food miles dominating the media, we decided to go green’ and put our large garden to good use we’ve turned it into a mini food farm.

Tesco says their strawberries go “from field to fridge in just four hours”. Well we can beat that by three hours and fifty nine minutes! And they taste so much sweeter coming straight from the straw (and before the Robins have stuffed themselves stupid). No more shrink-wrapped green beans from the outer reaches of Brazil. A gentle stroll to one of our garden walls reveals more French beans than you’ll ever find in France.

Our tomato plants are so high and bushy they would be more aptly named tomato trees. We have lovingly fed them so much fertiliser that we now have more tomatoes than you can shake a ketchup bottle at. Couple that with our basil and lettuces and we have a salad starter any night of the week.

We have red and green chillies, red and green peppers, peas, courgettes and broccoli. All we need to do now is turn our pond into a chicken house, and we have a ready-made stir-fry at the flick of our gas hobs.

But the best thing of all is our exploding herb garden. The more we harvest our herbs, the faster they grow, which is fantastic for indulging our love of Mojitos. There’s something very refreshing about sitting out in our garden with a large Mojito made with our very own mint.

It’s a perfect lifecycle. We grow and eat our own fruit and veges, our worm farm eats all our kitchen scraps and then provides amazingly rich fertiliser to keep growing our plants. And by reducing our carbon footprint in food miles and packaging, we can keep our cars with the offsetting we’re achieving.

We are, indeed, “The Good Life” of London. Tom and Barbara eat your heart out!

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