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May 23, 2010

Get A Car Hire And Travel To Oxford And Cambridge

This country is home to kings, queens, princes, and princesses. One can experience having a royal blood by buying and having anything one can truly desires. Based in their history, kings and queens rule their country for order and for the common good. Have your ever wondered how it feels like being a king or a queen? One may experience this when they visit the United Kingdom.

A royal traveler may choose any type of transportation. It could be taxi or bus. How about Car Hire UK? Are you willing to try this service?

Car Hire UK is a good option when traveling the country because you can dictate your journey and enjoy beautiful sceneries right beside the car window.

The country is relatively small yet this is not a deterrent for them to have diverse, beautiful, and historic attractions that any traveler has ever dreamed of. This wonderful place comprises of four constituent countries – England, Scotland, Wales, and the six countries of Northern Ireland. If one thinks of UK, London is the next thing in mind. This city is known for frenetic, energetic and vibrant attractions and activities. Because of this, it is one of traveler’s choices when visiting the country.

One might think is there any city that one can visit aside from London? The answer is yes. Oxford and Cambridge are two cities that are worth visiting.

Located at the countryside of Oxfordshire, Oxford is a perfect place to use Car Hire service. Car Hire Oxford can solve your traveling needs. Oxford is known to have great colleges and universities so one may suggest visiting them. Another known fact is a BMW and MINI car manufacturing plant is located in the suburb of Cowley.

There are tourists’ attractions that the city is proud of. This includes the Carfax Tower. This tower is ¼ of Saint Martins Church that was built in the 13th century.

One can still stay in the car and drop by a place called Ashmolean Museum. It is one of the oldest museums in Britain. It is also the world’s first university museum.

There is a town that is 54 miles outside of London. It is abundant of having smaller towns and villages. Are you ready to visit the place? With the help Car Hire Cambridge, one can visit and travel Cambridge with all its convenience.

Cambridge is the city of outstanding university and a high tech core of businesses. Every town has its state university. The University of Cambridge was built when students transferred from Oxford because of hostile townspeople. The Peterhouse is the oldest area of the university. It exists since 1284.

While in this town, visit a building called the King’s college Chapel. The construction was more than 50 years. It was completed in 1515 by King Henry VIII.

No travel is complete without watching and visiting festivals and events. The Cambridge Midsummer Fair is one of the oldest events in UK. Other festivities include the Cambridge Folk Festival and the Strawberry Fair.

If you are a person who misses technology so much, better yet stay at home and miss all the fun in UK.

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