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August 20, 2010

Get Accommodation Close to Your Destination in Star Hotels in London

During 1830s railway network began to develop in London. Hence number of business or foreign visitors increased. But, there were no accommodation facilities as per modern standards. Mostly; lodging houses were private homes, run by widows. Meanwhile, railway companies also realized the accommodation problem and evaluate it as major setback for railways. First time, railway took the initiative to build railway hotels for the proper accommodation of railway passengers. The building of railway hotel also became the status symbol for railway companies.

The best blooming period of London hotel business was between the two world wars. During 1960s air traveling trend flourished and London hotels defined the new dimension of hotel business. Today, high capacity star hotels are situated all around five major London Airports.

Star hotels in London are known for wonderful architectural heritage and glamour. Visitors can get here the feel of era old rich tradition of British royalty and grand living. There are various ranges of three to seven star hotels in the London which provide wide ranges of basic facilities from business need to family need. Star hotels in London are famous for their best conferencing facility, transportation facility to meet the business need. Similarly; famous parks, museums, restaurants, health club, etc are also available in the hotel premises. These hotels also may provide certain concession for using the facilities or services available in the hotel premises. Although, a few star hotels in London have been exposed by environmental inspector after filing a million dollar suit by American lawyer and his wife upon a reputed star hotel in London but still hotels are not furious and bravely preparing themselves for upcoming challenges. These hotels are determined to prove themselves as the best in the world and ready to mesmerize their visitors so that they come again and again with friends and family.

Star rating has certain criteria which they have to fulfill. One star hotel should provide an informal but competent service. Two star hotels have to provide private facility in all rooms and daily breakfast and dinner services. Three star hotels should have professionally trend staff members and their dining room should be opened for residents as well as non-residents. Four stars hotels must have professionally trained and uniformed staff members. Their restaurant or dining room should serve service to all residents as well as non-residents. These hotels must have designated eating area especially for lunch. Now, five stars hotels which are known as luxurious accommodation. They must provide multilingual services, high quality menu and wine list.

In addition to star rating, some additional star ratings scales are also provided to hotels. These star ratings are AA merit score which is based upon percentage. For instances, red star determines that the hotel is the best amongst best in the UK. Similarly yellow star rating determines that the quality is ten percent above the required quality for four and five star hotels.

Now, definitely there should not be any confusion about star rating.

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