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May 30, 2010

Gleefully Experience London on a River Thames Boat Hire

Of course everyone knows that the River Thames runs through the center of London but people are only now discovering that you can hire a boat to take a sight seeing trip on the River Thames. If you are interested in sight seeing then there is no better way to see the most historic sights of London then by boat on the River Thames.

This is because Old London was built up along the water front and there is no clearer view of all the sights that are there than by boat. Whether you are interested in an adventure by speed boat for you and a few of your friends, or have a largar group, finding a boat to acomódate you is no problem at all.

There are even multi-decked craft that can carry up to two-hundred and forty people for a corporate event or a wedding party. Some of these larger boats come with full dining and cocktail lounge facilities as well and the cuisine is superb.

For photography, a boat trip along the River Thames is a veritable gold mine of oportunities with uncluttered views of the Tower of London, Parliament and much, much more. Even if you are interested in getting in some angling on the River Thames there is a boat there to accomodate you. You will find that the boarding facilities are first rate with plenty of safe parking, dining facilities and easy to locate restrooms.

The great thing about touring London by boat is that you won´t have to deal with the crowds of tourists and all of the captains and crew are expert tour guides with a wealth of knowledge to share with you. Prices are very reasonable and you will have no trouble finding a boat to fit your needs. It is important that you make reservations ahead of time and let them know how many people will be in your party.

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