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June 4, 2010

Guide To The Unseen Parts Of London

First thing to do, start in Trafalgar Square and have a look at the four glass lamps in the corners, these lamps come from the HMS Victory ship. Have a closer look at the floor on the north side of the square and you will notice the imperial measurements that are laid out. Second thing to do, cross to the National Gallery and look at the mosaic in the floor, you will be literally walking on Greta Garbo. Once you leave the square, go towards the Saint Martin?s Lane and on the right side you will observe a rather narrow entrance to Mays Court.

Go in and you will find a fully preserved Georgian shopping street that has glazed bow fronted shop windows although none of them are actually working shops at the moment. When you are walking on these narrow lanes you will eventually come to bollards restricting the access to pedestrians, pay attention and you will notice a cannon from the 18th century warship which unfortunately has been broken up.

When you are walking into the Covent Garden you should check out the lamps as they still run on gas which is quite impressive. If you find yourself near the Savoy Hotel you will notice a long gas lamp ? it is run on sewer gas so that the hotel?s guests won?t be bothered by the bad smells when staying at the hotel. Move towards the bottom of the street and enter a place named Embankment Gardens. Afterwards, head to the Charing Cross station and on the right side you will notice the York Watergate Stairs which is as a matter of fact where the famous Thames bank was located until they embanked the Thames.

If by any chance you are at the National Gallery, have a look into the famous Trafalgar Square and try to observe the smallest police station in all London. While you are facing the gallery, make a left towards the Pall Mall and then make a right into the Haymarket ( named after the market that was there between 1657 and 1686 ). The market used to sell hay and straw to king Mews where more than 300 horses were kept. Turn left into Orange Street, make a stop and look at the building located on the south side, you will notice one of the oldest signs in London ? James Street 1673.

On Bow Street you will find a very old police station and down the street you should look for No 4 as this is where the original court was situated. At Long Acre you should make a turn right cross over the Dury Lane and enter Great Queen St. On the left, you will notice a very imposing yet very ugly building ? Freemasons?s Hall.

As you can see, there are a lot more places to visit in London that only a few people know about. This is truly one of the most remarkable cities in the entire world with literally hundreds of places to visit.

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