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May 9, 2010

Hotel reviews: Dorchester Hotel, London, England

As with any major city, London is inundated with hotels all clamouring for the hundreds of thousands of visitors who travel to the city each year. Some hotels of course have no need to shout about how great they are as their reputation precedes them. One of the most prestigious of all of London’s hotels is of course the Dorchester Hotel.

Situated on Park Lane, in the exclusive area of Mayfair, the Dorchester Hotel is by no means the oldest hotel in London, and nor is it even housed in the oldest building. The history of the Dorchester Hotel in fact dates back to 1931, when the Dorchester House was demolished to make way for a new hotel. The hotel was constructed in the art deco style but made use of the latest building techniques and materials, ensuring that large open spaces were created within the building. Early on its life the Dorchester Hotel became known as a place where the leading lights of the day could be found, and many of the major politicians during the Second World War made the hotel their London residence during this period. As well as politicians the hotel was also a home to home for many of the celebrities of the period.

After the end of the war, the Dorchester Hotel continued to gain a reputation for catering to the needs of the richest and most famous of London guests and residence.

Despite subsequent renovations there is enough of the original art deco style remaining to set the Dorchester Hotel apart from many of its rivals.

As you would expect from a prestigious hotel there are high prices to play, although at about GBP200 for a single room, and GBP285 for a double room, prices are not as bad as you would at first assume. Consider that many of the rooms offered by large standard hotel chains will cost in excess of GBP125 within the city. Within the Dorchester Hotel there are 195 king and twin rooms, with a further 49 suites. All of the rooms have been decked out in the high standards that you would expect from one of the best London hotels. There is Room Service on call around the clock, and each room is up-to-date with the latest technology, set off nicely by 42 Inch plasma televisions in the majority of rooms.

For a highly urbanised city it is perhaps refreshing that all of the rooms on offer from the Dorchester Hotel have a view either of Hyde Park or of the hotel’s own landscaped garden.

The reputation of the Dorchester Hotel has ensured that the leading chefs have been attracted to work in the hotel, and

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