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April 6, 2010

How to Find Cheap Flights From London to Esbjerg

Esbjerg is one of Denmark’s popular tourist destinations and is considered to be the country’s fifth biggest city.  It has majestic beaches that are a favourite sport for locals.  Esbjerg has its own share of amusement parks for adults and children, and its medieval areas give anyone a feel of its history.  For those who enjoy nightlife, this city also has lots of bars, cafes, and restaurants to dine in, in addition to plenty of night clubs.

If traveling to Esbjerg is party of your European itinerary, then remember to look for cheap flights from London to Esbjerg.

Airline Companies Offering Flights from London to Esbjerg

British Midland Airways Limited, also called BMI, has flights to all over the world.  From the United Kingdom, which is where it is based, and within Europe, it also has flights to Northern America and Central Asia.  The company also transports their passengers to the Middle East and Africa.  Its history in the business dates back to the mid 1900s, way before it began its scheduled flights all over Europe.

Of course, United Kingdom’s flag carrier airline, the British Airways, also offers flights from London to the City of Esbjerg. Considered as the country’s national airline, it is one of the world’s biggest and most trusted airline companies.  It is also the founding affiliate of the airline alliance – Oneworld Airline Alliance.  It has been in business since 1972, but initially under the two companies BOAC and BEA.  By 1974, the BOAC and BEA came under one company name, British Airways.  Now, being one of the major airline companies in Europe, it carries passengers within the continent and to other worldwide destinations.  British Airways’ base is located in London Heathrow Airport, but it also has a hub in both Gatwick and Manchester International Airport.

Usual Flight Times

Flight times vary for both airlines, although most flights depart London in the morning. You may have to prepare yourself for a fairly long journey as at the time of writing neither BA or BMI appeared to offer direct flights to Esbjerg.

Cheapest Tickets and Departure/Arrival Airports

A London to Esbjerg BMI return ticket starts at around £330.  Your departure airport is the London Heathrow Airport, and your arrival airport is the Esbjerg Airport, with a stop-off at Aberdeen.

The cheapest economy class seat on British Airways we could find was a whopping £830, again leaving through London Heathrow Airport and at Esbjerg Airport with a stop-off in-between.

Additional Information

It is important that you book your flight in advance if you want to assure yourself of a seat – and guarantee the chapest ticket. You can book your ticket online through their website or through other websites that offer cheap flights from London to Esbjerg.  These sites can also point you to cheap hotels and restaurants to dine in if you want to be careful with your money while visiting.

The prices mentioned above can vary, and changes in prices will depend upon the season of travel as well as how far in advance you book.  These indicative airline ticket prices also include the airport taxes and other charges. Have a great time in Esbjerg!

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