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August 24, 2010

How To Have A 5 Star Holiday On A 2 Star Budget!

Love to travel? The international traveller has never had it so good in terms of being able to afford to see the world at discounted prices. Sometimes there is a huge over-supply in holidays and this leads to a slash in holiday prices. Below you’re going to learn just how to spot cheap holidays as well as the best places to find them, particularly if you’re based in the UK.

Companies That Offer Regular Travel Bargains

Let’s start off with some online companies that have been known to offer good travel discounts. It’s best to keep checking these sites regularly as good offers will get snapped up almost immediately. – If you can travel within 30 days it’s possible to find some incredibly cheap last minute fares including flights and accommodation. I’ve seen 7 nights including flights and hotel to Ibiza at prices of just £99. Of course Ibiza is not everyones cup of tea – which is why you’ll find equally good deals to Edinburgh, Alicante, Palma, Faro and several other desirable locations. I have also seen 7 nights at a 4 star hotel including flights to Majorca and the Belearics at just £130. – Very similar to Travel Travel but also includes a host of cheap city breaks. – Again, several travel deals. Also includes properties for sale from abroad. – Just discounted airfares and holidays to several locations. – Look around for some excellent last minute offers from hundreds of holiday providers. Some real gems available. – One of the more well known online providers but these guys really do provide some very good last minute deals. – Good French packages including cottages and ferry crossing at discounts. & Good for inexpensive channel crossing deals.

Worldwide – For great deals on world wide flights only offers try these:


Discount Hotels

It’s possible to pickup some good discounts on hotels all over the world. Try the following places for European stays in particular: (European Hotels)

Also checkout the Formule 1 series for cheap stays in France.

Saving Money On Travel Insurance

In the UK, you can save money on travel insurance simply by picking up discounted travel insurance from the Post Office.

Some Travel Secrets To Get You The Best Prices

Like most things, there are many tricks available to secure the lowest possible fares for flights, hotel and all forms of world travel. Every year there is a huge surplus in flights and holidays. Holiday companies have to estimate how many holidays will be demanded for any particular location and time – they never get it just right. Every year there is a surplus on certain holidays and flights, and if all places haven’t been filled by the final few days, you can pick up some really dramatic discounts.

Flights and accommodation are priced according to supply and demand – and this supply and demand follows a certain pattern. Once you know the situations where supply exceeds demand, and you know the right time to buy, you can save big time. A good example of this are fly by drives to the States – typically mid-November is when the cheapest fly drives are available and you can pick up deals for under £150 for 14 days (I’ve seen them as low as £99). Keep an eye on teletext holidays if you’re interested in this type of deal. If you do not mind coming back on Christmas day you can also find some stunning deals available. This may not be ideal for family trips but certainly for the lone traveller it’s a worthwhile option to check out.

How to spot cheap deals – With a little know how you can really figure out which flights and holidays are likely to be put on special offer as late deals. It all boils down to supply and demand – A good example of this is the late availability deals on teletext. 7 Nights in Lisbon, flights and self catered all included for £79 IF you waited a few days before departure. This was initially offered at £149 a month or so before. But how is it possible to know that the price would come crashing down to just £79? The secret is to contact the company offering the deal and ask them how many seats are left. In the Lisbon case there were just 14 seats booked 5 days prior to departure – there was no chance of this holiday being booked by departure date and the result? A massive discount offered to those who booked at the last minute. This is how the holiday business works and now that you know this you can make incredible savings just by making a few calls on holidays you’re interested in.

Car Hire & Day Trips should always be booked outside your holiday booking company otherwise you’ll almost certainly pay a premium. Usually there are specialist shops in most town centres that have been setup to provide car hire/day trips and you can save quite a lot of money using them.

London Airport Parking – Parking in London & other UK locations can get very expensive. Try London Airport Parking and Airport Parking UK for inexpensive parking options.

I really hope this helps all of you track down some incredible bargains.

Happy Travelling!

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