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April 2, 2010

Humor: Trying new foods

Is organic food a lifestyle?

In an interview with the Sunday Times David Miliband said there is no conclusive evidence that organic food was any better for us than intensively farmed food. But Megan Coles of the Soil Association was quick to respond giving statistics that suited her purpose to outweigh the notion. Once again the public is mesmerised by facts and figures which, at the end of the day, cannot be proved one way or the other.

Mr. Miliband says that buying organic food is a lifestyle choice and to a certain extent I would go along with that, because being a pensioner one has to go for cheaper prices and of course organic foods stretch the pocket.

But many consumers are vehemently concerned about the scaremongers who warn us about the impurities in processed foods – how apples are sprayed to make them shiny, remember the scare about carrots when they told us to scrape them before cooking – yet by the same token we are equally at risk just inhaling polluted air every day.

Heaven ! Where does it all stop? Well perhaps I should bring out the proverbial violin and just say when my generation was young we ate food loaded with all sorts of nasties, it was how it was in those days, cabbage and green vegetables came unwashed, complete with the maggots and worms and small snails, but mum always washed them thoroughly and there seemed to be no problem with that. If occasionally a small grub did get through it ended up being boiled sterile anyway and if noticed mum would always tease, “well that’s your meat and veg all in one!” I guess at that time our concern, living north of London, was more about getting killed in an air raid in that ghastly war. Yet with the slogan regularly drummed into our ears on the wireless and posters to dig for victory’ our gardens were regularly turned over to growing our own vegetables and how good they were, imagine: fresh runner beans picked smaller than you could get them in the shops and so much sweeter, along with freshly dug new potatoes with that special unbeatable flavour derived only by one’s perseverance and hard work to produce vegetables fit for any table. And how good it all was for the gratification and feel good factor. But are we really any better off for sanitised foods? I mean our antibodies don’t have one iota of a chance to build up any resistance as when I was young, no wonder when some horrid virus does get through most of us suffer the consequences. These days we are bombarded

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