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March 25, 2010

Interesting London restaurants

I have been to London above 16 times in the last 20 years and have eaten at quite a few interesting restaurants. These are not necessarily my bargain choices, these are just our old favorites that we try to visit on every trip.

St Martin in the Field Church

Trafalgar Square

One of my favorite restaurants in London is the Cafe in the Crypt at St. Martin in the Field Church. Think a real crypt; there are graves under your feet. Nell Gwynne the famous mistress of Charles II is in one of those graves, though they don’t know which one. The church is not the one that was there when she was buried. The current church dates from the early 18th century, the crypt is much older. In this atmospheric locale you can dine on typical English food, delicious soups, sandwiches on thick cut bread, a couple of hot choices and then the quintessential English dessert, a pudding. You can have your pudding with cream or custard. Add to that a pot of tea and you will leave here very satisfied indeed. If you have a few extra minutes you may want to stop by the Brass Rubbing Center which is also located in the crypt.


2 Farmer St

When we are in London this is a restaurant that we always visit. They have the best fish and chips we have ever had anywhere. Located in Notting Hill this restaurant has been serving the freshest seafood available since 1939. We have been coming here since 1989. They recently had a change of ownership and have become more upscale but the food, ah the food, it is still worth coming out of the way for.

The Original Hard Rock Cafe

50 Old Park Lane

What kind of Hard Rock junkie would I be if I didn’t suggest a stop at the original HRC. The menu is the usual one but there is a lot of history to this location. I usually wait a few days into my trip to stop here, just about the time I am ready for a glass of real ice tea and an order of killer wings. No gourmet food, lots of music and noise. Come planning to have a great time. Look for the best of their memorabilia, Ringo Starr’s pre-Beatles drum, Eric Clapton’s and Pete Townsend’s guitars and Janis Joplin’s shawl. More than twenty five years and still going strong, don’t forget to grab a tee-shirt.

Porters Restaurant

17 Henrietta St

How often do you get to eat at a restaurant owned by a member of the Peerage? This is just such a place being owned by the Earl of Bradford. You will come here to taste real old fashioned English food, done well. I love the parsnip and apple soup and the pies, oh my, they are delicious. I favor the lamb and apricot but I have a hard time passing on the steak, Guinness and mushroom and the creamy chicken and broccoli. Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, steak, lamb, savory puddings and the usual English grills round out the menu. For dessert Lady Bradford’s gingerbread sticky pudding, spotted dick, apple blackberry and hazelnut crumble and a whole lot more. I love this restaurant and it is perfectly located for a pre-theater dinner.

These are just a few of my favorites,I have others and I make a real effort to try at least one new restaurant on every visit. With the thousands of restaurants available, I will never complete my research, but I will keep trying.

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