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May 21, 2010

London Limousine

A BRIEF HISTORY OF London Limousine Hire

Why is Limousine Rental now so popular in London and the rest of the UK, and when did it all begin ?

In 1987 when we first started providing Stretch Limousine Services in London’s West End, we were located very close to Mayfair and Hyde Park. In those days there were only 7 Stretch Limos in existence in the whole of Europe and we had access to all 7 of them. This is because the owner of these 7 Limousines had his office only yards away from our own Chauffeur-Drive Car Hire office.

His Limousines were all BRAND-NEW 6-seater Cadillac Stretch Limousines and we offered to supply him with bookings from our own Client base in return for 15% commission from each hire. The manager of the Cadillac Limousine Hire company readily agreed to our suggestion on one condition: Which was that we supply the chauffeur to drive their Cadillac Limousines on our own Clients’ Bookings. Well of course that was “an offer that we could not refuse!”.

That’s how it all began for us and I still remember the delight to this day of posing as the driver in these Stretch Limos and we used to get as much attention (if not more) than the actual passengers. The words “Lucky Swine” do come to mind !

When we were driving Stretch Limos in those early days, other road users used to give us “enough respect” and also used to literally give way in their cars and let us have priority over them, so that they could get a look at this very rare beast and it’s occupants.


So coming back to the question: Why is Limo Hire in London now so popular and turning over in excess of £100,000,000 per year in the UK ?

Well the main reasons are:

1. These are desirable Prestige Vehicles.


3. For any important occasion (Hen-Nights, Birthdays etc) you want to do something different that you don’t do every day and treat a Loved One and also feel Special.

4. But we feel a big reason for the popularity of Limousine Rental is their carrying capacity together with the panache and style mentioned above. It’s the Party Atmosphere that you get with 8 or 16 people all together in one place, at one time and for one purpose that makes them SO MUCH FUN !

In other words since the group of friends, relatives or associates are not split and separated into several different cheap minicabs on the way to and from their Chosen Venue, then they can all interact with each other, revel in each other’s company and conversation while they relax with their favourite Drink & Music and enjoy a very comfortable ride on their Special Day.

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