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April 6, 2010

London Transport Tips

London Underground (Londoners call it The Tube) is the quickest way of getting around London. The Underground has 12 lines, and covers 253 miles of track. Trains are fast, modern but in rush hours very crowded. The Tube is highly recommended for tourists, because in easy way they can visit many places in one day without traffic jam.

London Transport bus system provides over 6,800 scheduled buses, which are operated by independent operating companies. Buses are used for local journeys and by night. You can buy ticket from bus driver (only in Central London it’s impossible) or pre-purchase it from ticket-machine. Travel by London bus is also interesting because You can see there famous big double-decker red buses.

Tickets for London Transport are very expensive, especially for tourists. For single travel by bus you have to pay 2 pounds. Single The Tube tickets are more expensive but when you plan to use underground many times you should think about Travelcard for one or three days. For more information and ticket prices you should visit London Transport site.

Very popular in London are London Black Cabs. Maybe there are not cheap when you travel alone, but vehicles allow up to 5 passengers in the back. Cabs are comfortable and have fixed charge, so you won’t be surprised by price. The additional charge must be paid for telephone booking (2 pounds) and payment by credit and debit card (10-15%).

When you travel London you should be prepared for high stakes for getting around London. Maybe London Transport isn’t cheap but it is fast and efficient. In many places you can get free Travel Maps which are very helpful when you visit London first time.

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