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April 6, 2010

Multi Leg Flights Explained

Multi leg flights are an ideal choice if you want to visit two or more locations on a single trip. Due to their size and diversity, areas of the world such as the Far East, Australia or the USA lend themselves perfectly to the multi leg option.

The great thing about choosing to take multi leg flights is that you don’t necessarily pay more for choosing to stop over in a country on route. The rules of mid and long haul flights normally allow you to stopover at least once free of charge. So for example, a flight from London to Sydney can have a stop over in Hong Kong and on the return you can stop over at Singapore, all for the same price as a return ticket to Sydney. The only thing to consider is that you may have to higher air port taxes.

There are many options to choose from if you decide to take a multi leg flight, and if you can’t find an itinerary that suits you then you can have a travel agency tailor a quote to meet your specification. To give you a few ideas, below is a list of the most popular multi leg itineraries.

London > Hong Kong > Singapore > Bangkok > Phuket > London

• Experience the vibrant cities of the Far East and end the experience relaxing on the golden sanded beaches of Phuket

London > Bangkok > Sydney > Melbourne > Ayers Rock > Perth > Singapore > London

• Visit the best of what Australia combined with stopovers in the Far East for sightseeing and shopping

London > San Francisco (surface) > Los Angeles > Las Vegas > London

• Explore the sites of San Francisco before enjoying the coastal drive to Los Angeles. Finish the trip enjoying the gambling and casinos in the entertainment capital of Las Vegas!

London > Cape Town (surface to) Port Elizabeth > Johannesburg > London

• This itinerary allows you to visit the highlights of South Africa. Hire a car and experience the scenic stretch of the southern coast, known as the Garden Route, to Port Elizabeth. Finish your journey in Johannesburg, where you can explore the casino resort of Sun City, located about 2 hours outside Johannesburg.

If you plan on taking a longer journey, then the organising of a multi leg flight can become quite complicated. It’s advisable that you consult an experienced travel consultant who should be able to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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