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June 21, 2010

Opt for Car Hire on your UK Holiday

Among residents and travellers alike, the UK is famous for its congested public transport networks. From the London Underground to Britain’s cross-country rail networks, the stress of having to deal with UK public transport can bring out the worst in nearly every Briton – and a good many tourists as well! So, if you’re planning to embark on a multi-stop tour of the UK, it might be in your favour to think of alternative modes of transport. You might find the most convenient option is simply to hire a car.

Car hire in the UK will allow you to traverse this stunning country at your own leisure. You won’t have to rely on the unpredictability of public transport networks, or have to adapt your own travel schedule to fit operating train times. Driving a hired car around the UK will allow you to take your driving holiday at your own speed – both metaphorically and literally – and is sure to afford you time to breathe.

For instance, if you’re a tourist hoping to find a convenient way to travel around the British Isles, you’ll be able to hire a car as soon as you arrive. All major airports in the UK boast accessible car rental facilities, so your holiday can begin as soon as you’ve left the arrival terminal. Hire a car upon your arrival in Heathrow, and you’ll be able to drive to a variety of top UK holiday destinations – from Cornwall to Cardiff, or Exeter to Edinburgh.

However, if you do choose one of many low cost UK car hire options, it’s important to figure out where in the country affords the most convenient driving opportunities. For example, if you’re spending your entire holiday in London, then driving isn’t going to be your best transport option – no matter how crowded the tube may get!

Instead, if you’re opting to hire a car on your UK holiday, take a drive through the rugged mountainous regions of Wales, and enjoy the serenity of Snowdonia. Alternatively, drive to Scotland and you’ll be able to appreciate the tranquillity of the glens and the staggering beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Or take a drive in your hired car through the Yorkshire Dales or past the stunning sights of the Lake District to discover the England that William Wordsworth held so dear.

On the other hand, if you’ve arrived in the mainland and you’re hoping to travel to Northern Ireland, don’t think that your only travel option is to book a flight to Belfast. If you choose to hire a car, you’ll be able to drive to a number of ferry ports where you can take the ferry to Ireland. Drive to Stranraer, for example, and you’ll be able take the ferry straight to Belfast. Alternatively, take the historic Holyhead to Dublin ferry and drive across the Emerald Isle’s breathtaking sights to get to your destination.

Whatever plans you might have for your holiday in the UK, opting for car hire gives you limitless possibilities – allowing you to make the most of your visit, and at a pace to suit you.

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