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April 12, 2010

Renting London Vacation Apartments

London is Europe’s largest city, with a population of roughly eight million. Starting at the cities core on the River Thames, it spans an area of over 620 square miles. Apart from its expanse it is also one of the most diverse metropolises in the world. Roughly 200 languages are spoken within London.

It is here in London that the countries news and money is made. The central government for the country is also seated within this city.

For any visitor, London is a very thrilling and worthwhile location to vacation.

Over the past few years London has really become a top travel destination. They are very well aware of their success and have even made upgrades and modifications to their many tourist locations. The majority of London’s historic museums and galleries have been renovated. This includes the wildly popular Royal Opera House and the British Museum. It is these historic locations that truly make people consider a London vacation apartment.
The largest modern art galleries in the entire world can be found in London. From the Tate Modern to the London Eye, where visitors can also see the world largest Ferris wheel. Also, the first new bridge to cover the cities core river can also be found here.

An array of other historic locations are at your fingertips in London. Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower of London. No visit to London is complete without visiting these unique locales.

London vacation apartments can be found to fit anyone’s budget. Most are located within central areas that offer their buyers the convenience of being located close to London’s major attractions. They are also packaged to fit even the tightest budget. The majority of vacation apartments also offer packaging that allows you to have instant access to hundreds of London attractions.

Apart from the historic nature of London, many tourists flock to the city for its excellent shopping opportunities. There are high quality and high end shops located in the tiara triangle where the upper class citizens of London do their shopping. There are also hundreds of weekend markets on Portobello Road, Camden, and Greenwich. It is in these weekend markets that you will discover some of more offbeat and interesting shopping finds.

What London vacation would be complete without visiting one of London’s hundreds of pubs? With live music and British cuisine, you can’t go wrong whether you choose to visit an upper class club, or a small town London pub.
When it comes to dining, London is quickly becoming one the worlds most known locations for high-quality cuisine that can easily compete with its European rivals. They house many three-star Michelin establishments and low-cost local eateries. They also feature a variety of Chinese and Indian curry houses.

The arts are also alive throughout the city when it comes to theatre companies, dance troupes, and the opera. There is surely something to delight people of all ages. Many streets throughout the city also feature street performers; this is especially true at Covent Garden. Even if you can’t get into the opera house, you can hear fine singing along the street or in one of the cities high-end pubs. There is no better time than now to rent a London vacation apartment in historic London.

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