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June 15, 2010

Restaurant reviews: Mekong Restaurant, Pimlico, London, England

I love going out for dinner and unfortunately have been spoiled in the past because I lived abroad and on my expatriate wage, I could afford to (and invariably did) go out for dinner several times a week. Then I came back to London, where I earn not very much over and above basic living costs, and so sadly had to say goodbye to my going out to dinner days. Luckily though, the reason for coming to London was because of my partner’s job, so occasionally I make him feel guilty about the fact that I’m now not too well off and he takes me out for dinner. However, the rare time that I do go out, I do expect to get good food and service for my money (or rather his money) and so am always delighted to find somewhere such as this restaurant, where not only is the food delicious and the service good, but the price is not too bad either!


The restaurant is located in Pimlico, within walking distance from both Victoria tube and train station and Pimlico tube. It is also very near to Vauxhall bridge and therefore the Tate Gallery. It is on a fairly quiet street, so you will need a London A to Z to find it. The address is:

46 Churton Street (off Belgrave Road)

London SW1

Tel: 0207 834 6896

The dcor

If the dcor of a restaurant is more important to you than the food, then this may not be your cup of tea. The ground floor area is fine, light and airy, with minimal decorations – brick walls painted in rose pink and green. Downstairs though, are two other rooms, both quite small and of course under ground, which makes them a little claustrophobic. Tables are packed in fairly tightly, so you do tend to overhear your neighbour’s conversations, particularly if they are noisy. Again, the walls and painted in rose pink and green, with some paintings, but it is clear that decorating is not the owner’s top priority. Having said that, I don’t think that this is important – the good things about this restaurant more than make up for the lack of interior design.

The food

This is the best bit. The restaurant is Vietnamese, but also serves Chinese and Thai cuisine. I know very little about Vietnamese cuisine, but I do know my Chinese, having lived there for many years, and I can categorically say the Chinese food here is not only delicious, but is far more authentic than any other Chinese restaurant I’ve been to in London. The only thing missing is the monosodiumglutamate, which can only be a good thing. I’ve been to this restaurant twice now. The first time, my partner and I

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