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August 5, 2010

Restaurant reviews: Muang Thai Restaurant, Pimlico, London, UK

One good thing about living in London is the choice of restaurants (if you can afford them). It’s ages since I’ve had Thai food, so when my lovely boyfriend asked me where I wanted to go on Saturday night, I suggested a nearby Thai restaurant. Neither of us had been there before, but I’d noticed full tables as I’d walked past, so I figured it couldn’t be all that bad.


The restaurant is situated at the corner of Belgrave Road and Charlwood Street in Pimlico, just a five minute walk from Victoria Station. The address is:

22 Charlwood Street



Tel: 0207 592 9584

Fax: 020 7592 9160

The dcor

My first impression when I walked through the door was how light and airy the restaurant was. The front of the front and sides of the restaurant (it is on a corner) are glass and because the evening was so light and sunny, it looked fabulous. The furniture was fairly simple; square tables with bamboo chairs. There were a few very attractive wood carvings, something that can be found easily in Thailand, but are still quite exotic here. The overall impression was simple, but effective. There was room for about 10 -12 tables on the ground floor, where smoking was allowed, with probably the same amount downstairs, which is non-smoking. Downstairs, however, like so many restaurants in old London houses with basements, was not particularly attractive. The dcor seemed more modern and the lack of windows made it feel stuffy and there were lots of untidy-looking rooms off the main room. Luckily, we managed to get a table upstairs. Tables for parties are available – there was a party of 8 while we were there – although booking is advisable.

The toilets were passable. They smelt fine, partly because of a good spray with air freshener, but were mucky and looked older than me. I’m not particularly picky about toilets – I lived in a country with squat toilets for a long time – but I do think that decent restaurants ought to have decent toilets.

The food

The choice of dishes was fairly standard for a Thai restaurant, with the usual Tom Yum soup, Pad Thai (fried rice noodles), a range of curries and stir fried dishes. Their was a variety of starters, priced from 3.45 pounds. A platter for a minimum of two people cost 9.50 pounds and included spring rolls, Thai fishcakes, satay and samosas. Main courses included a very good selection of vegetarian and fish dishes. We had Tom Yum soup, stir fried pork with cashew nuts, Larp Gai (minced chicken with Thai spices) and

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