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July 3, 2010

San Diego, California: Transportation tips

Probably the most effective way to ruin a vacation is to get lost in an airport terminal. Feet are aching from walking in circles, buttocks still numb from long hours of sitting and lungs desperately craving fresh air after spending six hours on an airplane squashed between Mr.” I’ll have another beer.” and Ms.” I ate too many frijoles for lunch”. Sound painfully familiar? Whoever said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” must have had you in mind. Take some pointers from a seasoned traveler and you are well on your way to a quick and easy trip through the ” Air Capital of the West.”

To keep from boring you, I will refrain from mentioning that San Diego International airport is the busiest single runway airport in the United States, (second in the world only to the London Gatwick Airport which technically has two runways thereby making San Diego the ultimate winner.) carrying approximately 40,000 passengers everyday and in surplus of 17 million passengers a year. I will also stay away from the similarly unimportant detail that the airport holds several other records in aviation history (Including the infamous “42 firsts in aviation”) because lets face it who cares? Down to the stuff that really matters.

In traveling through this airport you will find the security team to be a complete annoyance. Lucky for you, I have compiled three pointers to breeze you past security and away from suspicion. (This article is not meant for view by potential terrorists.) Here goesA.) Use the restroom before you enter the secure area. Bathrooms at this airport are limited behind enemy lines. B.) Do not approach the rent-a-cops looking for directions to your gate They don’t know any better than you do. C.) Although new regulations state that any lotions/ creams/ makeup etc must be under three ounces, security at San Diego International Airport does not seem particularly concerned with this. As long as you keep your items secured in a doggy baggy you should slip right through. (Disclaimer: it is best to follow all regulations as presented by the airport to avoid any difficulties. Don’t come crying to me if they confiscate your $60.00 Bobbi Brown Lipstick.)

San Diego International Airport proudly boasts four separate terminals (Terminal one, Terminal Two East, Terminal Two West and the Commuter Terminal Wouldn’t it be easier if they just called them “one, two, three and four”?) This airport is near unmatched in its ability to bring you a variety of traveling

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