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April 7, 2010

Stay at a Cozy Bed and Breakfast Hotel on Your London Vacation

Whether it is your first visit to London or your tenth, a great way to experience this city is by staying at a bed and breakfast in the area. By staying at a bed and breakfast hotel in London you can get a more authentic feel for the people that live there instead of the generic feeling of a large scale hotel.

Feel free to talk to the owners of the bed and breakfast hotel in London and get a firsthand account of what are truly the gems that visitors should see when they come to visit. They can also help you to avoid common tourist pitfalls in the area as well

Bed and breakfast hotels in London tend to be converted from old houses. Chances are that whatever bed and breakfast hotel you choose to stay at you will end up enjoying your stay in an old historic building. Whether you are staying at a bed and breakfast hotel in New York or London, take some time to learn its history to make your stay there even more memorable.

Things To Do When Visiting London

London is home to several high end fashion houses. Stop in and check out the boutiques in the area and enjoy a little shopping on your vacation.

If you enjoy art then you definitely do not want to miss a visit to Britain’s Tate Modern museum. It is filled with a wonderful collection of high quality art. One of the best perks about this must see attraction is that it is free to visit. Consult with your bed and breakfast hotel owner in London and see if they can recommend a few pieces of work that are truly impressive.

Take a walk to Westminster Abbey. One of the more popular tourist attractions in London, Westminster Abby is where they crown the king. A visit here is not free so be prepared to spend a bit in order to visit this historic landmark. If you are unsure how to get there from your bed and breakfast hotel in London, make sure you have a map handy or get directions before you leave for the day.

London has several beautiful parks. If you enjoy a leisurely stroll outdoors make sure you visit several of them including Holland Park, St. James Park, and Hyde Park. All are beautifully manicured and each has its own little surprise. Stop by the lake in St. James Park and watch the pelicans. You will find the Opera House in Holland Park.

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