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August 10, 2010

Testimonies: My first EF educational tour

I have had the privilege to go on two EF educational tours, thanks to the high school I attended, and both times were fantastic. My first experience on a tour with EF was in May of 2004 with a group of about 20 other students to London, England and Paris, France. This was a nine day trip, traveling time included, and it was flawless. We were given tour guides and bus drivers who were all extremely accommodating and always able to point us to the right direction no matter where we were. EF put together an amazing trip!

In London, we stayed at an older hotel with heavy Indian influence. Admittedly, the hotel was no Hilton or Marriott by comparison, but there was no need to complain as we barely spent enough time there to get a full night’s rest! The hotel was within walking distance to many restaurants and shops, and a block away from the wonderful London underground. EF provided us with fantastic dinners each night at various types of restaurants around the city, as well an excursion out to see the renowned play, Les Miserables. We hit esteemed places like Harrods, spent time around Abbey Road, went to Westminster Palace and saw Big Ben, and made our way to Buckingham Palace and caught the Changing of the Guards. Our guide went out of his way to secure a discount for those of us who wanted to get on the London Eye, as well as setting up other attractions for all of the students. With the guidance of EF, in our four nights in London we hardly missed a thing.

We took the “Chunnel” to bring us into France, and it was a great experience. While we were on land the trains provided some beautiful views of the countries that we would not have otherwise seen because of our time being split between cities. As we made the trek to Paris, we also switched guides, but she was just as helpful as our last. Like London, Paris was a whirlwind of activity- the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Luxembourg Gardens, Sacre-Coer, the Louvre, Place de la Concorde… the list goes on! The hotel in Paris made up for the hotel in London in a million different ways. Nearly every room had a balcony overlooking a garden in the commons area, and the breakfasts we were provided at the hotel were wonderful. The location was set between shops and cafes, the perfect gateway to wherever it was we wanted to go. As it was in London, dinners were served at many different restaurants around the city and to this day, I don’t think I have had a meal quite as good as any of those. Once again, our guide was able to point us in the direction of anything we could think of and had great recommendations for us all. We spent three nights in Paris, and while it was too little time, I am still astounded by how much we were all able to see.

My second tour with EF was a fifteen day trip to Australia and New Zealand. Once more, we were provided with amazing learning experiences and incredible service. EF has given students a way to go abroad and learn while making it feel like the most relaxing of vacations. Between both of my experiences with EF educational tours, I have countless memories that will last a lifetime.

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