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July 29, 2010

The best and worst airports in London

London has four airports which are all situated within different parts of London. Whether you are flying out or a business trip, on holiday or a weekend city break, millions to the airports flock the airports on a quest to leave or arrive in the UK. The four main airports in London are Heathrow, Gatwick, Standsted and London City airport. I have flown from all airports and as travel experiences go they all vary in customer service and efficiency.

The worst airport in London had to be Gatwick. It was once seen as the main rival to Heathrow in terms of size and the number of flights leaving London. In the last two years I have flown from Gatwick a few times and am horrified at the standard of customer service and lack of organization this airport has. Flying in from Amsterdam last year on an afternoon flight became a nightmare. You have just had a lovely weekend away, and are tired from getting up early and waiting around the departing airport. You arrive at Gatwick, make your way down the passenger way to arrivals only to get their and discover that the plane landed at the wrong gateway. Enter panic and hysteria amongst tired and bewildered passengers. While staff belligerently try to resolve the situation and find out how we get to passport control. We are just kept waiting and waiting. Standing around like lost sleep while no one keeps us informed, and this went on for ages. Annoyance and anger had begun to set in with the other passengers, including myself and my partner. After over an hour of standing around we then were told what was happening, which meant a really long hike around the airport before hitting security and passport control.

This isn’t the only instance of badly control mayhem. Checking in doesn’t fair much better. All the airports now have self check in kiosks which is great but it doesn’t stop the endless queuing for bag drops and even worse security. I remember last year before flying out to Orlando the chaos of having to go through security. Having stood in one of the queues for half an hour, staff then decided to make one queue for every flight going out. This meant that everyone had to move and walk to the end of the queue. By the time we found the end of the queue, we must have walked about a mile. The communication in the airport is dreadful. There is no communication. The staff just mutter, and shout at passengers and that’s about it. Nothing is properly organized and there seems to be one queue form everything. Gatwick is

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