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April 15, 2010

The best ways of traveling between Central Scotland and London

When we are looking to travel between Central Scotland and London, there are several factors which will go towards deciding how we actually do so. It is a journey I have made many times recently by three very different methods of transport so I will in this article hopefully provide an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of each method.

When we are faced with travelling between Central Scotland and London, the reason for which we are doing so is likely to have significant bearing upon the method we select. If we are travelling for business purposes, for example, it is likely that we will elect to fly. This means that we travel by the most time efficient method and also that it is unlikely we will be required to concern ourselves with the cost as our employer will be picking up the tab!

If we are travelling for perhaps a weekend break, the number of us travelling may go some way to determining how we travel, as well as our schedule. It may be that we wish to travel by train or even overnight by bus in these circumstances, either to keep the cost down or to save us making further onward travel arrangements from whichever airport we fly to.

Flying from Central Scotland to London means essentially departing from either Glasgow or Edinburgh to one or other of the airports in the London area. It is possible to fly with British Airways in either respect but the experience I had recently of flying with British Airways from Glasgow to Heathrow has put me off this option for the moment. The problem is that we arrive at Terminal 5 at Heathrow and this terminal is still having significant “teething” troubles. It is possible to fly with one of the budget airlines to such as Luton and travel on to London by bus. This onward journey takes just over an hour. The option I have found best, however, is to fly with British Midland from either Glasgow or Edinburgh to Heathrow Terminal 1. It is also possible to obtain these flights fairly cheaply if we are prepared to travel at off peak business times, such as lunch time.

We can travel to London from either Glasgow or Edinburgh by train. From Glasgow, we have the option of travelling with either Virgin down the West Coast to London Euston or with National Express down the East Coast to London Kings Cross. This latter option is also available from Edinburgh. The journey takes approximately seven hours from Glasgow or six from Edinburgh. This is a very comfortable way in which to travel but if we do not book far enough in advance, can also be a very expensive one.

Travelling probably overnight by bus from Glasgow or Edinburgh to London is most likely to be the cheapest form of travel. By booking seven days in advance or more, we can obtain very good deals. The problem for me with this mode of travel is that I find it very difficult to get any sleep on the bus and am far from being at my best the next day. I have travelled by this method several times but would have to be hard pushed to do so again in a hurry.

My favourite method, therefore, of travelling between Central Scotland and London? I have no hesitation whatsoever in saying that the method I have used on the past several occasions will be the one I use for the foreseeable future and that is by flying with British Midland from Glasgow to London Heathrow.

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