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August 5, 2010

The Big Bus tour in London

London Big Bus Company has been providing good inexpensive tour facility for experiencing a quick look of London. It was established in 1991 with two buses and now it is one of the most popular tourist services in London. There are three Bus Lines – Red Bus Line, Blue Bus Line and Green Bus Line. Time consumed in unhalted one round of Red Bus Line tour is 2 Hrs.10 minutes and that of Blue Bus Line is 3 Hrs. 20 Mins. Time of one round of Green Bus line is very short approximately 15-20 minutes. All buses are available in every 15-20 minutes at any of their specified stops. Maps play a significant role in planning your tour. One day pass are available at 22 per adult and at 10 per child of the age 5-15 years. Kids below 3 years of old are free to travel in London. One day pass means one can use the ticket for any of the Big-Bus services for whole 24 hours. These Buses don’t cover The London Zoo and The Botanical Garden.

One day tour, however, is not sufficient to visit all important places so the best way is to start with blue-bus tour and complete it without hopping off then join red bus and catch the river cruise from Westminster or Tower Bridge and again join the red bus and complete your first day tour. Next day you can proceed for detailed tour. The Big Bus services don’t work in late evenings. The most interesting benefits of choosing the big-bus services are the free one-way river cruise, free walking tours and live guides in many languages.

(1) The Green Big-Bus Tour: The green Big Bus Tour is only of 15-20 minutes long and main points of interest are Covent-Garden Area including Transportation Museum, Russell Square Park for a break and snacks, The British Museum and The British Library (however you need to have a walk of 10-15 minutes to reach the British Library. Besides while travelling on green-line Big Bus one can find the Tavistock Garden quiet interesting where among small green lawn and flower plants a statue of Late Mahatma Gandhi (Late Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi) is situated. The Green route has significant role in joining west-centre London with the other Big-Bus routes.

(2) The Red Big-Bus Tour: The Red Bus services Covers all main interesting parts of the city including the parliament house, aquarium, the London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Marble Arch, Monument and the landmark of London the Tower Bridge. Besides giving a look of the Tower-bridge while crossing the river from other bridges the buses also pass through the Tower Bridge and since the speed limit is 20 on the bridge so travellers get good opportunity to click their cameras. The guides on the buses don’t forget to mention the oldest building of London, the first Indian restaurants in London, Hair Saloon used by late princess Diana, the biggest toy store- Hamlays etc.

(3) The Blue Big-Bus Tour: The Blue Line Buses go through the same roads in almost 75-80% of their routes, however, they round the Hyde Park and the History and Science Museums are easly reachable from the Blue Bus stop in South Kensington.

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