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August 12, 2010

Tips for mastering urban transportation systems when visiting a new city

When using urban transportaion systems abroad, refer to a map of the area. Most tour guide books include maps of the transportation sytems as well as the location. Now, now one wants to be labelled the sock ‘n’ sandles, sun hat-wearing, lost tourist, so why not have a look at the map before you step foot outside the hotel or hostel? Make sure you know the basic layout of the metro station or exactly where the bus stop is.

Getting lost isn’t the only protential problem, pick-pockets are also a huge issue for most city transport means. My advice is to look very aware of your belongings, if they can see that you’re not distracted then they will also see that you aren’t an easy target and hopefully move on.

Buses tend to be the same world-wide, you normally get a ticket, get on and get off at your stop, simple. Metro systems are also quite simple, Rome’s particularly is very easy as it consists of just 2 lines. The London underground is not so easy to master, it is a complex mass of lines and destinations, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

When in doubt, do as the locals do. Take on traveling characteristics of the locals and you can’t go wrong.

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