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April 25, 2010

Top 10 Ways To Find The Cheapest Airfares

It is a well-known, and widely accepted, fact that airline tickets are expensive. However there are ways to keep the cost of flying down. The purpose of this article is to discuss the top 10 tips to finding an inexpensive airfare.

Be willing to travel sooner or later. By being flexible you can save big money on airfares. When you insist on leaving or returning on a specific date, the airlines are free to charge you more since they feel urgency on your part.

Shop online. There are many websites on the Internet that specialize in providing travelers with low airfares. Just be sure to read all the conditions and fees associated with the airplane ticket.

Fly into neighboring airports. By avoiding the main hubs and instead arriving at a nearby airport, you can cut down the cost of the airfare considerably.

Plan on buying ahead of time. Purchase your tickets, as well in advance as possible, two weeks beforehand is considered best.

Track fares online. Many travel sites offer tools to help consumers track the rates of airfares over time. Download one of these tools to help keep you up to date on the prices of your future flight.

Plan to fly on less attractive days for the holidays. While most people prefer to fly the day before a holiday and return the day after, you can reduce the cost of your airline ticket by flying earlier and coming back later.

For international flights, stop in London. It is less expensive to fly to the western area of Europe. By flying to London and then catching a flight to your final destination, you can lower the price of your total airfare.

Consider flying with a discount carrier. By eliminating certain passenger services, discount carriers can offer you substantial savings on your airfare. If you are willing to forgo the movie onboard, you can put more money in your pocket.

Look into package deals. Sometimes travel agencies will offer flights including with hotel stay and rental car. By bundling your services you can end up paying less overall.

If you find yourself needing to fly often, look into signing up for a frequent flier program through your travel agent, preferred airline, or credit card company. This is one of the best ways for frequent fliers to reduce their costs of flying.

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