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March 27, 2010

Top London Attractions – part two

When visiting London the tourist is spoilt for choice of attractions and sightseeing locations and it is advisable to spend some time prior to your visit checking out which attractions you wish to visit and plan in advance. Tickets to most attractions can be booked on line and quite often savings can be made by combining the purchase of tickets to two or more attractions. The following is the second part of the ‘must see’ top London tourist attractions:

Madame Tussaud’s
For a chance to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, take a trip to Madame Tussaud’s in Marylebone Road. The realistic wax dummies will amaze you, and don’t miss the Chamber of Horrors which gives a chilling insight into history’s most notorious criminals. Afterwards, if your nerves can stand it, check out the Chamber of Live Horrors.

Natural History Museum
Opened in 1881, the Natural History Museum was originally designed as an offshoot of the British Museum. This beautiful gothic building now houses one of the world’s largest collections of dinosaur skeletons and more than 70 million natural history specimens, some of which are on display to the public. With its exhibitions, activities and interactive displays, this museum is a must.

St Paul’s Cathedral
This mighty cathedral with its world-famous dome was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built between 1675 and 1710 to replace the previous cathedral which was destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666. A trip up the spiral staircase to the Whispering Gallery and then up to the Stone and Golden Galleries for a panoramic view over London should be on anyone’s list.

Tower Bridge
A visit to London isn’t complete without seeing Tower Bridge. Built in 1894 with its twin drawbridges, this has to be one of the most recognisable bridges in the world. The Tower Bridge Exhibition offers breath-taking views from the high-level walkways and access to the Victorian Engine Rooms where the original steam engines, once used to power the bridge lifts, are preserved.

Tower of London
Overlooking the River Thames, the Tower of London is one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions. Primarily a place of imprisonment and execution, the Tower has been a royal palace and a fortress. The Crown Jewels are kept on display here and the famous Beefeaters are in attendance. The Ceremony of the Keys is the traditional locking of the Tower of London and takes place every night without fail. Tickets to attend the ceremony are available free of charge, but applications for tickets must be made in advance in writing.

The above attractions should feature highly on anyone’s list of ‘must see London attractions’, but this is just a small number of the many attractions available.

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