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July 7, 2010

Travel destinations: Tower of London

I have worked in London for quite a number of years,If I have to work somewhere then let it be London ,I love the place with all its History.One of the best attractions that London has is the Tower Of London ,its just oozes History.

For a thousand years there has been a fortress on the banks of the river Thames, it was first built by William 1 of England and it was there to protect the Normans from the people of London, more than protecting the people of London from any invasion.When it was first built it was just a wooden fortress, but as time went by the king ordered that a stone fortress should be built .As the King was from France the white stone was shipped from France.

Over the years it became the the Tower that it is today, and was the home of the Kings and Queens of England ,and as the King was the law, it was for a very long time it the seat of English Government.

When the kings and Queens moved to better palaces ,it become a place for high ranking prisoners ,and many executions took place in the grounds,they are as follows.

* William Hastings 1483.

* Ann Boleyn 1536.

* Margarete pole countess of Salisbury 1541.

* Jane Boleyn viscountess 1542.

* Lady Jane Grey 1554.

* Robert devereux 2nd earl of Essex.

There were many other prisoners of note.

* King David of Scotland.

* king John of Scotland.

* Henry V of England.

* Sir Walter Raleigh.

* Queen Elizabeth 1.

* Guy Fawkes.Of the gunpowder plot.

* Rudolf Hess.

The last man to be executed was Josef Jakob’s by firing squad for spying in 1941.Last but not least there are the Crown Jewels that are housed in the Waterloo barracks, a rich collection of Crowns and Orbs encrusted with priceless gems . The visit is well worth the money that you pay to get in for a glimpse into England’s rich and infamous past.

To day it is one of London’s top attractions ,the Tower can be found on the banks of the River Thames ,if you take one of the river boats that cruise down the river from Westminster ,you will pass by the tower,you will see a gate ,this gate is called traitors gate ,This is where high ranking people of England were brought to the tower.In 1300s to 1700s people of high rank would have there homes out side of London.London of those years was not like London of today,it was a little bit smaller ,most of what is now London was in the countryside.So the best means of transport was by river.High ranking traitors would be put on a boat and be rowed down the river to the tower.What must have gone through there minds has they approached the Tower ,and saw for the first time the steel gates that the boat would go through.Once through for many there was no hope ,a small show trial ,the verdict already known ,and a few days later the slow walk to the block.

Today you can see this gate ,you can also see were the block stood just in front of the small church inside the grounds of the Tower,take a guided tour with the Beefeater Guards ,retired soldiers with a wealth of knowledge ,with story’s to take your breath away all true ,walk in the church ,and see were most of the executed traitors were buried under the floors of the church ,long gone now since when the Tower worshipers one day saw old bones sticking out of the floor,a most chilling sight.

Walk with the Ravens that abound the grounds non can fly ,there wings clipped ,for it is told that when the Ravens fly away ,then England will fall .And as the day becomes night stay and see the traditions that are played out to the sound of a beating drum and trumpet,and as dusk falls maybe just maybe you will see a fleeting glimpse of a long long forgotten ghost.

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