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April 16, 2010

Travel: The cheapest ways to fly first

From what I’ve gotten out of my research, you have to check availability of seats and if there is an option for the upgrades. Seats and tickets differs from airlines to airlines, so you may want to check the rules first. There are tricks to getting cheap first class air flight tickets, and some restrictions apply at some airlines. At some airlines, the option for upgrades are not allowed because of less seat capacity.

Among one of these tricks are purchasing cheap coach tickets first, and getting an upgrade afterward. Getting flier miles is another factor in this trick. This is very important because if you need to take an important trip one day, your premium seat cost won’t cost you an arm and a leg. By purchasing coach tickets first and upgrading after, you earn bonus flier miles. Rules apply, so always make sure you check them first.

Strategise your option after you’ve checked all rules and availabilities. Look out for opportunities to purchase flier miles on a regular basis. If you travel often, you never know when you’re really going to need them. Flier miles are good for when you want to take trips for holidays or very important events.

Look for biz class prices from major airlines because they cut fares on some Trans-Atlantic routes. Maxjet and first class Eos Airlines fly out of London to New York. Maxjet also flies from London to Washington and Las Vegas. Standard return prices on Maxjet are around $1500, but special offers have been as low as $700.

Airlines flying Trans-Atlantic are often undercut by 80% such as India and Iceland Air. You should join up to 1 or 2 frequent flier program and try to obtain elite status. Be careful how you spend those miles because some people tend to spend them the worst way. There is a good website to visit: A must for any international fliers. It gives certain airfare techniques, lowest prices, etc. You should check it out.

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