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June 13, 2010

Visiting London

Visiting London
While visiting London, don’t forget these popular attractions. If you have always dreamed of visiting London and seeing the sights, you may have wondering what to do when you get there. There is so much to see and do in London when visiting that to see everything could take months. What if you only have a couple of weeks? Finding the tourist attractions that fit your agenda can be simplified by using this list of some of the top hot spots for tourists visiting London. Obviously, there is much more to London than what is listed here. These are just the essentials to touring one of the oldest cities in the world. Top Museums To See While Visiting London First on our list is the National Gallery. It houses one of the greatest collections of European paintings.
If you are familiar with Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt or Van Gogh, this museum houses those collections and several others from famous artists. There are literally thousands of exhibits to see and it could take days to see it all. Special guided tours and holiday events make visiting extra fun. To get there, just ask to visit Trafalgar Square and walk from there. This museum is often considered the number one place to see while visiting London. Another great spot is the Natural History Museum. Kids dig the dinosaur exhibits. Not to be missed is the earthquake simulator and an elephant bird egg. This museum is interactive, educational and rewarding for anyone with a curious mind. Located on Cromwell Road, this museum is great for families with smaller children. Visiting Famous Buildings in London London isn’t just a great place to visit the hundreds of museums; you can also take a peek at some of its most favorite landmarks.
London is well known for its palaces and other historical buildings that allow visitin and tours. One of the most highly visited buildings in the London area is Buckingham Palace.

It gives you the opportunity to see the Royal Throne Room, Ballroom and more on it’s tour. Don’t forget the world famous changing of the guards. Also, the Palace gardens are exquisite for anyone who likes to see a little green. You won’t want to forget your camera. The Tower of London, a highly recommended place for anyone visiting the city, offers tours throughout most of the year. This tower began its life in 1078, when William the Conqueror first ordered its construction. The tower itself has been the location of palaces, prisons and even a zoo.
Learn of its history by taking a free guided tour of this most famous tower, home of the Crown Jewels of England. The Rest Of The Best To See While Visiting London If looking for an experience you’ll never forget, London offers its unique London Dungeon. This frightening tour offers an image of London in its most deadliest and frightening times. This fun adventure let’s you explore the Great Plague, Jack the Ripper and more killer fun. For a family vacation, London offers its visitors a fantastic zoo. The London Zoo offers exotic animals, tiny and strange bugs and loads of fun for guests of any age. With over 650 animals on display, you won’t want to miss this adventure. Admission also includes exquisite gardens, exceptional architecture and fine art exhibits. Whatever sort of attractions you crave, London offers some of the best in the world. When you book a trip, remember the top picks but also invent your own adventure while visiting London, England.

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