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May 11, 2010

What makes a great Italian restaurant

For me, the lasagna and the veal are the determining factors of my favorite Italian restaurants. There is a tendency in Italian restaurants to pile too much pasta in a bowl and dump red stuff on it claim that its good Italian food. I like pasta, but I love good lasagna, with ricotta cheese. Believe it or not, my favorite lasagna was in Saudi Arabia, at the Kimik Glass Restaurant. The lasagna was baked in individual iron stone boats, with lots of cheesy crust around the edges. The marinara sparkled with zesty lemon flavors, and the noodles were perfectly done, with just the proper firmness, not becoming mushy as I find in many restaurants.

My favorite Italian restaurant was in London, Thirteen and a half Beauchamps Place, was the address and the name of the restaurant. it was positioned somewhere off of Beauchamps Place, but had its entrance between Thirteen and Fourteen Beauchamps Place stores, thus the address and the name. There was a long, narrow hallway to the restaurant, where the food and the service was great. the owner was always so obviously pleased to see you, and gave us a bottle of chianti as we left, satiated from all the pleasant tastes and textures. My favorite foods were the veal, and all veal is still measured to their standard, and as of yet, no one has equaled it; the spinach was buttery and the mushrooms melted in your mouth.

I love garlic, and use a lot of garlic in my food when I cook, but too much garlic without a balance of flavors is just garlic, and too little garlic is just food. I miss the restaurant, since I don’t go to London, and it’s now closed, they tell me. I would reproduce the flavors in my kitchen, if I could, but alas, all good things do end.

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