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July 18, 2010

Why A Tour Of London Will Amaze All Visitors

London is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. It offers visitors so many attractions to see that a tour of the city is a magical experience for all who undertake it. As and aged city it has been at the heart of England’s political and economic development for centuries. A tour of the city will allow travellers a glimpse of the development not only of a sprawling metropolis but also of a country that was at one time the most powerful nation on earth.

London for a large part of its history has been the focus of the country’s development. The royal family of England has been in residence in the city for generations; hence, as a constitutional monarchy the majority of political decisions have been made in the vast array of palaces. A tour of the palaces is a brilliant excursion, whether it is the relatively modern Buckingham Palace; a residence of the royal family to the present day or the sumptuous Hampton Court that was home to the Tudor court of Henry VIII.

London however is not purely a city for history buffs; as a vibrant modern city it gives those who undertake a tour the chance to see what contemporary Britain is all about. Attractions that fall into the modern category include the amazing London Eye, which gives visitors a unique vantage point to see the entire city. Whilst the waxworks of Madame Tussauds are also well worth a tour as they allow some fabulous photo opportunities with all manner of celebrities and historical figures.

London has long been a place where films have been shot; the skyline is just too distinctive to fake. Of late the most famous of films to be filmed in the city are the Harry Potter series. Young children will love a tour of the sites where filming was undertaken as it will allow them to get a real grasp upon the magical world of witches and wizards. Alternatively adults may want to see the many locations where the Da Vinci Code was shot.

By night London lights up and becomes an energetic, frenetic city. A tour of the popular nightspots is highly advisable. A night out in London can be seen as one of the best in Britain with something for everyone, whether that is a quiet drink in a quintessential London pub or gambling the night away in one of the many casinos.

At night tourists will be enthralled as the attractions light up and offer beautiful vistas and ideal photo opportunities. The lights of London Bridge are truly astonishing, while the ever present dome of St Paul’s is lit sublimely from all angles.

The Thames runs right through the heart of London and is a major feature of the city, it is possible to board a boat and tour the river either during the day or at night. Either way; it adds a unique perspective of the city as you pass under the many famous bridges, removed from the bustle of everyday life.

If the city does get too much, links to the fantastic English countryside are excellent meaning if you do want to get away from it all to the serenity of country life; a short trip on a train or an organised tour will make the journey simple and speedy.

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe; it has something to offer everyone no matter what their interests may be. Its links to the rest of the country also make it the ideal place to begin a tour of England. As a destination it will enthral and amaze at every turn.

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